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ICSE provides the classes on professional level. We provides the best education environment with high proficient faculty. Our faculty have 10 years of experience in this field. We are having many success stories with us. All teachers in ICSE are at least Masters or higher qualified than that. We provide best level of education at here. Notes are always provided by teachers on time. Weekly tests are conducted. In short, We enhance the learning of a student with understanding in a better guidance.

Shorthand is a symbolic language, which can be transcribed in English and Hindi both. English Stenography was founded by Sir Issac Pitman, who was a English language teacher and developed the most widely system of shorthand in 1837, known now as PITMAN SHORTHAND.

Shorthand is very important to save time in writing. Whatever a person is speaking can be written very easily with the help of Shorthand. A stenographer can translate everything which is written in shorthand to English. Now a days Stenographers demand has raised in govt sector as well as in private sectors. The person who Know the stenography( Shorthand ) can grab the jobs very easily. Many Govt. sector services like SSC Stenographer Grade C and D, Clerical Exams, IB PA etc. requires the shorthand in skill test. Candidates who prepares skill test of shorthand need proper concentration , hard work and best environment for study. .

ICSE is the best institute for Shorthand in Laxmi Nagar and Shakarpur. We increase your skills of learning.

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